Hilite Group

You can now also ‘hilite a group’ for better identification: As long as you click on the Hilite Button  while a group is selected, the 3DPI hilites all models, that are children of this group down in the complete hierachy of the group.

You can hilite a group in the Group-Tab as well as in the parent-child-hierachy in the Member-Tab:

Example: When clicking on the hilite button of the group “furnitures” of the above example, the 3DPI hilites all children down in the hierachy, so in this case “table_1” as well as “flowers”.


Problem with rotation

The main problem with the Wheel (endless Slider) at the transform.rotation.y Property is fixed in version 3.7.

Nevertheless it might appear strange, how the rotation values – especially the y-rotation value – behave in general. The reason is that different rotations can result in the same orientation, and there isn´t a position, rotation, or scale property within Director, but a 4×4 matrix, which is responsible for all transform sequences.

Generally it is highly recommended to use the rotate() function instead of working with the rotation vector.


NEW (MX 2004): minimum size of window

Since version 4.0 you can resize the 3DPI window. (If you work with a Director version previous than MX 2004, the window is only resizable, if you switch ‘floating’ in the Preferences off.)
Resizable Miaws are great, the only thing is, Director does not yet offer a possibility to define a minimum size. All Miaws can be shrinked down to 70 x 70 Pixels.

But because the minimum size of the 3DPI should be 320 x 300 Pixels, I try the following workaround: if the user has finished resizing the window, which I recognize because the resizeWindow handler is called, I resize once again if necessary by changing the window.rect.
The real problem now is, that resizing a window by Lingo is not at all possible, if the windowType dockingEnabled is switched On.

If you work with Director MX 2004 and you have ‘dockable’ switched ON, you can resize the window smaller than it should be.

You have to enlarge the window by hand to see all elements completely.


Changes will not be saved?

All properties (except member properties) that are changed by Lingo will not be saved into the w3d file. This is how Director 8.5 works.
Because the 3DPI communicates with your movie also with simple lingo, the changes done with the 3DPI will not be saved too.To keep changes one has to write scripts. Thats the fun and the strength of Director. The 3DPI only can help you writing the correct script lines:
With the help of the Trace Button, which is placed in the right upper corner of the window, you can get several scriptlines, which will appear in the message window.