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A. Creating a new shockwave3D member

There are several ways how to create a new shockwave3D member, but here´s the way, how to do it with the 3DPI.
The following steps will also give an insight into the Member-TAB of the 3DPI, which is the main gate to all informations. It is the part of the 3DPI, where all shockwave3D members will be listed, where one member can be selected for further adjustments, and where a short overview about all objects within the selected member is offered.

  • How to create a new shockwave3D member
  • The insight in the 3D world

  • How to create a new shockwave3D member top

    • launch Director

      If Director is already open, choose "New Movie" from the File-Menu.

    • open the 3DPI by choosing "3DPI" from the Xtras Menu.

      The 3DPI will start and automatically activate the Member-TAB.
      (If you have not registered the 3DPI, you first have to click on the "Not Yet" Button.)

    • Click on the "New" Button to create a new shockwave3D member.

      A dialog will open, asking for a new name for the member. You can change the name in this dialog, or leave it like suggested by the 3DPI.
    • Click "OK" to close the dialog and to create the member.

    When clicking on the "New" Button while keeping the option key (= alt key) pressed, the dialog will be skipped.
    The new member will be created immediately and automatically named by the 3DPI: "w3DMember_1", "w3DMember_2", and so on.
    On PC the dialog can also be skipped by clicking with the right mouse Button on the "New" Button.

    The new shockwave3D member now appears in the cast window.

    Within the 3DPI this member will now be listed in the name list, and it will be automatically selected, which can be recognized by the white hilite.

    The following example steps will lead you to other TABs of the 3DPI. Especially if more than one shockwave3D member exist, it will always be clear, which member is the selected one, because its name of the selected member is also presented on top of the 3DPI permanently.

    The insight in the 3D world top

    In the bottom part of the 3DPI there are more informations about the selected member:

    Object summary

    Here the 3DPI displays the number of objects of the selected 3d member, and so gives a quick overview of its content.

    A new shockwave3D member always contains some default objects, which cannot be deleted except of the lights.

    The parent-child structure

    This part presents all nodes (models, lights, cameras and groups) which are visible in the world, and displays their hierachy.
    The default situation is quite simple: the camera and the lights are children of the world. There are no more visible nodes.

    also see: Member-Tab - parent-child hierachy


    Functions and properties regarding the member

    Here are buttons, which offer the functions to reset the member, to load 3D-models into it, and more.

    All other Member properties and functions can be found within the Property Inspector of Director.

    For more details also see: Member-Tab

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