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version 3.7 changes (25.8.2001)

  • new property #debugFlags
  • Improvement at Texture TAB
  • Improvement at standard Shader
  • Improvement with ModelResource #Mesh and Model #meshDeform Modifier
  • Havok changes
  • Improvements with Transforms
  • Improvements regarding to New, Clone and Delete
  • new feature "Hyperlinks"
  • Improvement with Sliders and Wheels
  • Little feature added for PC users
  • Bugfix of Error "Property not found"
  • Bugfix with scrolling
  • light property #attenuation
  • userdata.count added
  • small Bugfix at Modelresource Particle
  • Remember collapsed submenus
  • Bugfix at Parent-Child structure

  • new property #debugFlags top
    Although the member property #debugFlags is undocumented and unsupported, it might be an extremely useful property. Thats why debugFlags Buttons are added within the Member-Tab. (The Button Icons might be improved in future versions.)
    Note: changing the debugFlags has no effect with the software renderer.
    Improvement at Texture TAB top
    for textures of type #fromCastMember the dropDown for selecting the castMember does now list members of the following types: #bitmap, #vectorShape, #flash, #realmedia and #text.
    Improvement at standard Shader top
    access to the values of wrapTransformList and textureTransformList are built inside.


    Improvement with ModelResource #Mesh and Model #meshDeform Modifier top
  • Wheels added beside all "Index" values
  • the count of all lists (vertexList, normalList, textureTransformList and colorList) is displayed (except once because of technical troubles).
  • the vectors of the vertexLists can be directly viewed and changed. Click on the arrow on the left to access the vectors.
  • little Bugfix at ModelResource #Mesh when switching between Modelresources of type #mesh, which have different numbers of faces, and the face Index was set high.


    Havok changes top
  • Havok TAB restructured: the Navigation between CastMember, RigidBody, Spring, LinearDashpot and AngularDashpot has moved directly below the main TABs on top of the screen. The list of names will now be filled depending on that selection, so e.g. if the Navigation-Button "RigidBody" is selected, all rigidBodies can be found in this list.
  • fixed Properties: gravity and rigidBody.mass
  • Havok "Make" Button: within the dialog to make a new rigidBody, spring, angularDashpot or linearDashpot, a new name is calculated now automatically. It´s not necessary anymore to type a new name inside.
  • Improvements with Transforms top
  • New feature: Beside the transform.scale Property there is now a "Preserve Propertions" Button.
  • little feature added for resetting transforms: When the Button "Paste Transform" is active, and clicking on it while the option key (= alt key) is pressed, instead of the stored transform a fresh, new transform will be pasted. So position and rotation will be vector(0,0,0), and scale will be vector(1,1,1).
  • Bugfix with rotation: Finally the wheel beside the transform.rotation.y property is improved!
  • Correction with scale: To avoid problems with transforms and very small scale values, the minimum values for the #scale property are increased to 0.001.
  • Improvements regarding to New, Clone and Delete top
  • Improvement after deleting objects: After deleting an object, automatically the next object will be selected, if one exists.
  • Bugfix with "New" Button: If within the Dialog for creating new objects a name is choosen, that is already taken by another object, there now appears an alert explaining the situation. (Until now nothing happened after clicking on the OK Button.)
  • Bugfix with "Delete" Button: The delete Button is no longer active if a 'standard' Object is selected, that cannot be deleted.
  • Dialog Improvement at "CloneModelFromCastmember" and "CloneMotionFromCastmember": the "new name" will automatically be calculated and updated depending on the selection of the Popup for the Model/Motion, that one wants to clone.
  • new feature "Hyperlinks" top
    Icons, that are placed left of a Property name, e.g. the texture Icon at the textureList of a standard shader, or e.g. the ModelResource Icon at the resource property of a Model, do now work like a Hyperlink when clicking on them. (The Icons might be exchanged to buttons in future versions.)

    Improvement with Sliders and Wheels top
    While pressing the Shift-key, scrolling will accelerate (10x). While pressing the option-key (= alt key), scrolling will deccelerate (0.1x).
    Little feature added for PC users top
    nearly all elements, that react in a special way when clicking on them while the option key (= alt key) is pressed, do now react in the same way when clicking on them with the right mouse Button.
    Bugfix of Error "Property not found" top
    the error "Property not found: #type" that appeared sometimes with version 3.6 should be fixed.
    Bugfix with scrolling top
    The pagescrolling for all screen-scrollers is corrected.
    light property #attenuation top
    is now editable.
    userdata.count added top
    Beside userdata the count of the userdata list is added.


    small Bugfix at Modelresource Particle top
    the wheels (endless sliders) beside sizeRange.start and blendRange.start are fixed.
    Remember collapsed submenus top
    finally the 3DPI is able to store and save the information, if submenus are open or closed (e.g. at camera: fog, backdrops, overlays). This also includes the information about the triangle beside the "world" within the Parent-Child structure of the member-Tab.
    Bugfix at Member-Tab, Parent-Child structure top
    no error happens anymore when interacting with a camera, which was created by Director itself for each open shockwave3d window of the selected member.

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