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version 3.6 changes (26.7.2001)

  • 3DPI-Button: In the left upper corner there is now a "3DPI"-Button, which leads back to the first page, where the 3DPI version number, the link to the website, and for unregistered users the Register-Button can be found.
  • New little feature, Member-Tab, Parent-Child-Structure: Option clicking a triangle fully expands/collapses that subsection.
  • Bugfix Member-Tab, Parent-Child-Structur: when moving the target Icon of a camera to another node to pointAt that node, but the positions of the camera and the node are identical, instead of an error the 3DPI brings up an alert, explaining the situation.
  • Correction Modelresource Particle: #lifetime does not allow values less then 1.0 anymore.
  • Correction Modelresource Particle: When dumping to the message window #NumParticles is now the last entry. (The Particles system starts emitting as soon as emitter.NumParticles is called and it takes whatever properties are set at that time. All properties set after NumParticles is set are ignored until the next loop.)
  • Bugfix Havok, Linear Dashpot: It always displayed the properties of the first LinearDashpot, not the selected one. Fixed.
  • Bugfix Havok, RigidBody property #corrector.multiplier: It did display the value of #corrector.threshold. Fixed.
  • Bugfix in NameLists of 3D-objects (list of textures, shaders, motions, ...): when the number of objects changed, the scrolling of the list was sometimes not updated, and errors could happen after clicking in an empty line. Fixed.

version 3.6beta changes (25.6.2001)

  • Skip Intro: For registered users the 3DPI will automatically go to the Member-Tab after starting. There is no need to click on a Start-Button anymore.
  • List of names (the names of sprites, members, textures, shaders, ec.) are redisigned. Also the sorting of this lists is fixed and improved, and offers now additional possibilities like reverse sorting, or sorting ModelResources by their types.
  • Model Modifier #Mesh: missing Properties added.
  • Transform Copy/Paste: a Copy Button and a Paste Button are build inside at the transform properties to copy the current transform resp. paste it. The selected Option "transform" or "getWorldTransform()" beside the Buttons is determinant for the way how the transform will be copied resp. pasted.
  • Buttons New / Clone / CloneDeep / Delete
    - All the Dialogs for these Buttons are redisigned. RadioButtons are there instead of PopUps where it was possible.
    - At New, Clone and CloneDeep a new name is automatically calculated. It´s not anymore necessary to type a new name inside.
    - At Shader, Modelresource and Light the last choosen #type will be remembered and automatically selected for the next time.
    - The Dialog for "New Model" now offers a PopUp to choose the ModelResource.
    - BugFix with the "Delete" Button, which did not work always.
    - When pressing the option key while clicking on all these Buttons, the function runs without opening a dialog. A new name is automatically calculated, and if a type is needed, the type that was choosen last time is taken again.
  • Property #diffuse is added at #Painter Shader, #NewSprint Shader, and #engraver Shader.
  • Standard Shader "Index": improved selection of the Index (small Buttons instead of a PopUp).
  • the property #specular is deleted at lights of type #ambient, because specular is ignored for ambient light.
  • Tracing: when clicking with the option-key on the name of a Property, the Scriptline of this Property will be put into the message window..
  • At modifier #bonesPlayer and #keyFramePlayer the Buttons Play(), PlayNext() and Pause() have got a ToolTip to understand them better.
  • Member Tab, parent-child structur: Arrow added when dragging the cameras target Icon around for pointing on another node.

version 3.5 changes (31.5.2001)

  • Improved Member-TAB: OVERVIEW
    An Overview about the number of objects of the selected member is built inside the Member-Tab: Texture.count, Shader.count, ...
  • Member Overview also as ToolTip
    When RollOver at the name of the selected member on the top of the page, the Overview of the number of objects also appears as ToolTip (with a short delay).
  • Improved Member-TAB: Parent-Child-Structure
    An Overview about the Parent-Child-Structure of all Nodes in the World is build inside the Member-Tab.
    • The Parent of a Node can simply be changed by dragging its Icon on another Node. When doing this the Node will be added to the new Parent with #preserveParent (the parent-relative transform of the child remains unchanged). If the Option Key is pressed when releasing the Icon, the Node will be added to the new Parent with #preserveWorld (the world transform of the child remains unchanged).
    • Within this structure it is also easy to point a Camera to a specific Node: Drag the Target-Icon of the Camera on that Node where the Camera should pointAt.
    • Clicking on the name of a Node will navigate within the 3DPI to the page of the Node.

    Known Issue (1): The maximum number of listed Nodes is currently 200, because big structures are slowing down the performance.
    Known Issue (2): There is no horizontal Scrollbar yet.
  • Member-TAB changes:
    The first 4 Member Properties, that have been within the Member-Tab in the last versions, are deleted out of the 3DPI, because one can find them - together with more Member Properties - within the normal Property Inspector of Director.
  • Improved Tracing:
    The Trace-Button (in the right upper Corner) offers now 3 functions, which can be switched by the DropDown that opens when clicking on the Trace-Button and keeping the mouse Button pressed.
    1. "Dump Properties" (selected by default)
    When clicking on the Button, the script of all properties, that are currently displayed within the 3DPI, will be put into the message window. The code is also a little optimizied regarding member references. fe:

        v3DPI_shader = (member 6 of castLib 1).shader[1]
        put v3DPI_shader.type
        -- #standard
        v3DPI_shader.ambient = rgb( 63, 63, 63 )
        v3DPI_shader.diffuse = rgb( 255, 255, 255 )
        v3DPI_shader.useDiffuseWithTexture = 0

    2. "Dump Property List"
    When clicking on the Button, all current properties will be put into the message window as one big propertyList. The list may only be useful for advanced Lingo programmers. Please handle this list with care:
        - it includes all Properties, regardless if they can be set or not.
        - The Property-Names sometimes will appear as string.
        - Take care about values, that are void.
    Ideas to improve the list, or this Tracing-functionality at all, are welcome.

    3. "Trace changes"
    When this function is selected, the Button will change it´s Behavior to Toggle-Mode, so clicking on the Button will switch the 3DPI-Tracing ON or OFF. If "Trace changes" is switched ON (the Button will then appear pressed), and changing a Property by the 3DPI, the code of this change will be put into the message window.
    The "Trace changes" function is the one, which has been inside the 3DPI since a while. The only change I did is that the ScriptLine will be put within an own line, so one does not need to delete the QUOTEs at the beginning and the end anymore.

    The selected function of the Trace-Button will be remembered in the 3DPI Preferences. So when closing and opening the 3DPI again, the last used function will still be active.
    The status of the "Trace changes" function (ON or OFF) will not anymore be saved.
  • Model Property #ShaderList:
    "ALL" is added within the dropDown to define the Index for the ShaderList. When "ALL" is selected all shaders of the shaderList can be changed at one go.
  • Bugfix with FloatPrecision:
    When the FloatPrecision was set smaller than 4, an error could happen at all properties, which have to be set *bigger than 0*. Fixed.

    Please note: If a transform.scale value is set to 0.0001, errors can happen when trying to change the transform again. (Director Bug)
    Workaround: Click on the Scale-Button and scale by vector(2, 2, 2) or bigger.

  • MUI Dialogs: are appearing centered now.
  • DropDowns: When selecting something within a DropDown List, the selected line will now blink shortly.

version 3.4 changes (16.5.2001)

  • Wheels (endless Sliders): Wheel
    at all Properties that are displayed by an editable field, but do not have a minimum and a maximum value, a Wheel is now beside the field to change the value more easy.
  • Improved Sliders:
    • While changing a property by a Slider or a Wheel the changes will be visible on the stage immediately now, not only when releasing the Slider/Wheel.
    • When dragging the Thumb of the Slider and moving the mouse far away from the Slider, the Thumb jumps back to the position where it was when starting to drag. (The same behavior happens with the Wheel too.)
  • Scrolling : When jumping through editable fields by the TAB-key, the page will scroll automatically so that the selected field appears in the visible area.
  • Member-Tab "LoadFile()" (Mac Only): Within the "SelectFile"-Dialog there is no filterMask anymore. So all files will be presented, but there are less problems.
  • Tracing: (Button in the right upper corner) is also working now with Transform properties. (PS: The Trace function should now work everywhere.)
  • ModelResource #fromFile: missing Properties added
  • Primitive Modelresources: some ranges corrected
  • Modelresources #extruder: range of property #bevelDepth corrected
  • Model modifier #lod: range of property #bias corrected
  • PointAt: Within the "PointAt"-Dialog at all transforms I have added a PopUp menu, which lists all groups, models, lights and cameras. When selecting one of these nodes, the worldposition of this node will be automatically filled inside the fields to pointAt.
  • repeat Transform functions: A hidden feature is built inside at the transform Buttons "translate", "rotate", "pointAt" and "scale": When clicking on the Button while the option-key is pressed the function will be called with the values that were choosen last time. So the dialog will not open, and one can quickly repeat the function with the same values again.
  • addChild() dialog: the optional parameter (#preserveWorld / #preserveParent) is added.
  • Bugfix addChild(): when no model did exist there sometimes happened an error within the "addChild"-dialog. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: the Buttons "New", "Clone", "CloneDeep" and "Delete" have not always been enabled/disabled correctly.
  • Sprite-Tab: correction in namelist with sprite.members, which dont have a name.
  • No global variables: in the last 2 versions I forgot to delete 2 global variables called "gTimer" and "gTicks", that I used for speed tests, and they might disturb your movie in case you had global variables of the same name. They are away again, the 3DPI uses no global variables anymore.
  • Spotlight: maximum value of property #spotAngle is set to 90.0. (Although the Docs are telling that the maximum value is 180, it looks like bigger values than 90 are not working.)
  • Spelling mistake: "vertices" at Modelresource #Box corrected.

version 3.3 changes (2.5.2001)

  • Bug with getHardWareInfo (Renderer Tab): sorry, the fields did not display anymore the current values, only the PUT-Button worked well. Fixed.

version 3.2 changes (1.5.2001)

  • Sorting: all lists (list of members, sprites, textures, ec.) can be sorted now by Index/Number or Name.
  • Speed: the Name-Lists at Member-Tab, Sprite-Tab and Havok-Tab are a little optimized and so a bit faster now.
  • Preview Texture: the Preview of the Texture can now be switched on. Please note that the Preview is done with the software renderer (because it takes the image of a #shockwave3d member) and so not all properties might have a visual effect on the preview.
  • Preview Shader: at shaders of type #Painter, #newsprint and #engraver the Preview can now be switched on.
  • Improved Dropdowns: A Dropdown, that lists objects of a shockwave3d member, fe. all textures at shader.texture, will now display shortly:
        <index & object.name> ... fe: [1] DefaultTexture
    Before it was
        <index & object> ... fe: [1] texture("DefaultTexture")
    and so sometimes the names were much too long to fit into the dropdown.
    Exception 1: ModelResources will be displayed completely to be able to see the type of resource. fe: [1] plane ("DefaultModel"); [2] box("floor"); [3] sphere("ball")
    Exception 2: within dropdowns that list more types of objects (fe. model.parent lists all models, lights, cameras and groups) it stays like it was before.
  • Bugfix with texture.member dropdown.
  • Preferences: the 3DPI now writes it's own Preferences file (when closing the 3DPI window). The following Interface-Properties will now be saved and opened again:
        - the current Sorting of nameLists,
        - the current status of the Trace-Button
    (Probably more 3DPI details will be saved in future.)
  • Tracing is active at Scrollbars now: While the Trace Button is switched on (right upper corner) and changing a property by a Scrollbar, when leaving the mouseButton (at mouseUp) the last correspronding ScriptLine will be puttet into the message window.
    PS: The Trace Button should now work everywhere except at transform Properties.
  • PointAtOrientation: added at Model, Group and Camera, but only to watch and not to change. (PointAtOrientation is still missing within the Light-Tab.)
  • Havok: Members are now also listed by <Name & Syntax>, fe. "myHavokMember (member 3 of castLib 2)"
  • Sprite: the Names in the list will be displayed as <Sprite & member Name & member Syntax>, fe. "sprite 2: my3DMember (member 2 of castLib 1)"
  • Bugfix SpriteTAB: List of sprites was not updated when sprites did change.
  • Bugfix: Play Button at model modifier #bonesPlayer and #keyFramePlayer did not put the script into the message window, when the Trace Function is switched on
  • Bugfix with DoubleClick on Collapse Box (PC Only)
  • Colorpalettes show a hilite again during rollOver
  • Havok Bugfix: making a rigidBody did create an error when no #shockwave3d member was selected

version 3.1 changes (24.4.2001 - not officialy posted)

  • PC ONLY: because floating windows on PC dont have a Collapse Box, I have added a small one in the right upper corner. But please note that there are no perfomance improvements when the window is collapsed.
  • Sprite: within the addCamera() dialog only the free cameras will be listed, but not anymore the ones that are already used for that sprite.
  • Member: CloneMotionFromCastMember and CloneModelFromCastMember Buttons added
  • ModelResource Particle: Ranges for Properties lifetime, sizeRange.start, sizeRange.end, emitter.numParticles, emitter.pathStrength and drag corrected
  • Light: Spotlight property attenuation added (but only to view and not to set, because the exceptions of allowed values are too complicated ;-)
  • Havok: the "Make" Button for RigidBodies, Springs, Linear and Angular Dashpots are now deactive as long as the Havok Member is not initialized.
  • Havok: the Dialog for creating rigidBodies now also lists models, that have not yet a meshdeform modifier added. If selecting a model without meshdeform for creating a rigidBody, the modifier will be added automatically.
  • Mac: height corrected of DropDowns which have only one line of content

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